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Jefailey is a character who appears in the game Divekick. Jefailey is based on Alex Jebailey, event organizer for the yearly fighting game tournament Community Effort Orlando (CEO).

Biography[edit | edit source]

Jefailey runs a large and well known series of Divekick tournaments called JEO (Jefailey Effort Orlando). Despite controversy, Jefailey likes to enter and compete at his own events. He views himself as his greatest promotional asset, and his growing ego has recently caused former allies to turn against him. He means well, however, and will continue to compete in order to get more people to buy badges for the next JEO event.

Specials[edit | edit source]

Air: Disqualification: Jefailey shouts at the opponent and drains the opponent's Kick Meter if his word touches the opponent.

Ground: Timer Scam: Jefailey pulls out a bobblehead figure of himself, freezing the game for two seconds. The round counter continues to decrease during these two seconds.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Jefailey's dropkick attack is based on Mike Haggar's dropkick from the Final Fight and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom series.
  • Jefailey's Disqualification is very similar to Phoenix Wright's "Hold it!" in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.
  • Jefailey's kick can be charged, with players needing to hold kick in order to put more distance and speed into the kick. If his kick is charged up all the way (or he's in Kick Factor), it hits full screen.
  • Jefailey's head inflates if he wins a round. It makes him more vulnerable to head shots and alters his jump physics.

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