The Fencer
Vital statistics
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Physical attributes
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The Fencer is a character who is playable in [1]Divekick, however, they originate from the game [2]Nidhogg. At the beginning of a match, a sword which The Fencer uses will appear in the middle of the screen, after every round, it will end up where The Fencer left it.

Biography Edit

Specials Edit

Air/Ground: Tumble/Throw: The Fencer will roll forwards without their sword, or throw their sword (resulting in a KO) while they have it.

Trivia Edit

  • While in Kickfactor, a "GO" arrow from Nidhogg will appear on the opponent's side of the screen, while this is active, The Fencer can win the round by reaching the other side of the screen and will not turn to face the opponent.
  • The Fencer is mute and has no quotes upon dying or at a victory screen. In cutscenes, The Fencer will only say "...".